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Lifestyle planning & coaching

Whether it’s a tree change, you just want to work less and enjoy life more or you’ve divorced, we can help you work out your objectives and what matters, and guide you to re-organise your finances to match.

Investing made simple

We want you to make the very best decisions for investing your savings. By building the right skills, knowledge and behaviors, we will help you make the most of your investments.

When you need an expert

There are times where even coaching is not enough, where its complicated and you need specialist technical adviser. Once we understand your needs, we can help by referring you to an appropriately licensed professional. We have a panel of experts in personal advice for superannuation, life insurance, accounting and tax, wills and testamentary trusts and home loans.

EagleView Financial’s education based approach gives you the confidence you need to make great financial decisions.

What our clients say

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Penny Armytage – Principal.

I believe if its worth doing, its worth doing properly.
I want to help you make the very best choices for your future, so you are fearless in taking life changing decisions.

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